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Re: Few questions...

Waldemar Thiel wrote:
> I'll be grateful for few answers on my questions.
> 1/ where can I find examples of modules where is PAM_BINARY_PROMPT
> conversation type used
> I have teory, but need few examples...

There are two publically available:

 1. in the Linux-PAM tar ball (see Linux-PAM/libpamc/test/)
 2. a fingerprint module (which I guess you will have to hack a little
since you may not have access to the Biomouse Fingerprint scanner), that
is here:


> 2/ where can I find a module, which use more than one msg in one
> conversation...
> (want to test what I have already wrote)

You might like to look over the modules that are capable of changing
passwords, I seem to recall that there are some examples of 'enter two
passwords' type stuff there.

Another place, which gives examples from a different perspective is the 


file. Its got lots of silly groups of conversation requests.

> 4/ what to do, when I got in one conversation few messages and there will be
> mixed "textual"
> message type with PAM_BINARY_PROMPT ? I can make reply either stantard reply
> structure
> or binary reply structure...

You reply with an array of replies (not an array of pointers to
replies), each reply being text in the case of text input messages, NULL
for text output messages, and a binary prompt in the case of binary
prompt inputs.



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