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pam_smb and home directories

I was wondering if anyone out there understands how to get pam to mount
a home directory on login.  I don't even know if it is pam that I want
to do that.  All I want is pam to authenticate users on a Windows NT
domain (pam_smb I've gotten it to work) and then mount their home
directory off of a windows share on a windows server, and then set that
as their home directory.  I hope this makes sense.

- user joe logs in on the linux machine.
- pam_smb authenticates him on windows domain WORKGROUP.
- somehow pam mounts //SERVER/joe onto /home/joe and then sets his home
directory to be /home/joe.
- when joe logs out /home/joe doesn't exist anymore and there is no
evidence (except for log files) that joe has ben on the machine.

any help would be appreciated.

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