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RE: pam_smb and home directories

> - user joe logs in on the linux machine.
> - pam_smb authenticates him on windows domain WORKGROUP.
> - somehow pam mounts //SERVER/joe onto /home/joe and then 
> sets his home
> directory to be /home/joe.
> - when joe logs out /home/joe doesn't exist anymore and there is no
> evidence (except for log files) that joe has ben on the machine.

This sounds very much like session managing..  There just MIGHT be possible
to make a session-module for some "smb-user", that lets you use samba
similarly to NIS or something.  As stated recenly here on the list, to mount
that directory it will either have to catch the password entered at login,
or somehow change smbmount to be more pam-conforming in some way (but I
don't know enough about smb protocol for this; ie, how does smb prove it's
authenticated without sending the password?).

With that fixed, there should be no problem to write a session-module that
mounts the home-directory and then unmounts it.
  I'm not sure it I understand you correctly, but you mean you don't want to
put the user database on the linux either?  I struggled with that some month
ago and created a useradd-module that creates the user if it is
authenticated (through smb).  It would be little problem removing that user
at sessions ending.

Regards, EOF

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