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Re: pam_smb and home directories

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Jason David Corbett wrote:

> I have another question, Does smb ever send the encripted password
> accross the network rather than the clear text.

no, never.

>  If it does pam_smb
> could be modified to store the encripted password in the smb or regular
> password file, and then the encrypted password could be used by a
> session module to be sent instead of a clear text.  I have no idea if
> this is feasible or not.  I have'nt played with the internals of smb

i have :)

the NT-style password change sends the new password in Unicode plain-text.

the 95-style password change sends to new password in ascii plain-text.

each is encrypted with the old password hashes.

therefore, it is possible to write a pam_ntpass and have it give you the
plain-text password to update all user password tokens.

to do this, you will need proper codepage support in non-english-language
NT installations, in order to convert the Unicode plain-text to
appropriate ascii plain-text.

> or pam enough to know.

i haven't.

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