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Re: Filter to AND with uid=%s

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Edwin Whitelaw wrote:

> I believe my problem is related to this thread but the point of failure
> seems to be whether the host can reverse lookup the client.

You also can if it doesn't. You'll just have to wait a few minutes.
If during that time waiting for the DNS timeout some 'you waited to long
before you logged in' time kicks in, you have a problem :)

> In a nutshell:
> I can telnet (logind) to the host as long as the client has a reverse
> lookup.
> The really odd thing here is I can rlogin using LDAP with OR without the
> reverse map.
> I'm using the pam.d from the nss_ldap package in RH6.2.  The problem
> seems pretty consistent.  I've played around a bit trying pam_pwdb vs
> pam_unix but confess that as of this point I have not delved into the
> details.

Make sure you have a working DNS, or clients that are in /etc/hosts

> Even when the login fails, the ldap logs show a successful lookup.
> Any help appreciated,
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