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Re: Authenticating to Novell

If you have Netware 5.x and are using E-Driectory 8 or 8.5, then you can use 
the nss_ldap & pam ldap modules.

I was able to get things going this way but, applications & product 
installers, like oracle & db2 that check the physical group & passwd files to 
do stuff have issues because there is no info in them.

Or if ya want to spend some money, you can purchase User Account Manager 2.1 
which provides IP based NDS authentication via Novell libs, we have a copy but 
have not taken a look at it yet.  It may or may not provide some help for the 
situation above.


>   My school uses Novell servers, and we're trying to set up a couple of
>Linux machines to authenticate to them.  The module recommended to do this
>was outdated, and we haven't gotten it to work.  What's the best way to do
>Sorry if this is a FAQ, but the FAQ on the kernel.org page didn't mention
>anything, and the link for this list's archive was outdated as well.
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