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Re: Swapping to PAM?

Rasmus Wiman wrote:
> hello,
> I'm considering to install PAM on a bunch of Slackware boxes. It turned out
> to be a little bit more work than I had anticipated. I managed to compile
> Linux-PAM-0.72 after a few attempts,  but than only results in a bunch of
> libs and includes. What should I do next? The reason I try to install PAM
> is that I want to centralize password authentication using LDAP, but I have
> a feeling that a lot of executables have to be recompiled. Am I right? Are
> there any Slackware packages available?

I can imagine it's a bit of work.  At a minimum, you'll need to 
recompile all of the applications that do authentication.  You'll
want to verify that each application actually can use PAM before
recompiling it.  You might end up having to lift source packages
from more mainstream distributions in order to get the PAM support
you need.

I don't want to disparage the venerable Slackware distribution, but 
PAM is one of several reasons I haven't used it since the days when 
it came on several dozen floppy images.  I've test-installed most of
the major distributions, and mostly use RedHat and Mandrake now.

Good luck!

Paul Allen

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