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RE: Still looking for help with mod_auth_pam on HP-UX 11.00

> > At this point it compiles and runs, and works correctly on one
> of my HP-UX
> > machines, but not on another one.
> Did you define SOLARIS26, as per my earlier suggestion? I know its
> looks wrong but try it.

Sorry, I thought I replied on that one.   I did try it, and got more errors
on compiling and linking.   It complained about arguments to gethostbyname,
if I recall.

> > I can't figure out what a "conversation failure" is, or more
> specifically
> > what is causing it.
> It occurs when the conversation function (in mod_auth_pam) returns an
> error. That, in turn, occurs mostly when the application asks for
> information the cf is not ready to return.

That sounds reasonable.  I just can't figure out what that would be, since
these two machines are configured identically as far as I can tell.  Same
/etc/pam.conf, same release of the OS, same Apache and mod_auth_pam binary.
Just one machine works and the other doesn't.   This is frustrating :-(


- Alan

Alan Millar                  Email: Alan.Millar@LPCorp.com
Unix System Administrator    Voice: 503-624-9004 x3014
Louisiana-Pacific            Fax:   509-692-3948

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