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Re: PAM session vs. auth

On 09 Oct 2000 13:41:18 CDT, Dustin Puryear said:

> Hi, I am moving between email clients, so I'm going to cut&paste a quote
>  from xyz:

xyz being Steven. Yes, I used placeholders in my emails and often forget
to fill them in.. 

Regards, Dustin

>  "Personally, I'd say the "right" way to do this is to use your module in
>  the
>  'session' stack if possible, and in the 'acct' stack if the session
>  functions
>  aren't called." - Steve
>  Hmm, I have experimented with it being used in the auth stack but then it
>  logs the login even if the user is not authenticated simply because the
>  module is called. Is there a way for me to tell if the previous modules
>  have actually authenticated the user? I read the administrator's,
>  application developer's, and module writer's HOW-TO documents, but they
>  didn't [seem] to delve into any of this.
>  I suppose by using the acct stack I get past the authentication issue
>  entirely. However, can I assume that all services will actually use the
>  acct stack? I know that at a minimum they will be using the auth stack,
>  and that's why I went that route. It seems to me that the acct stack
>  presents the same problem as the session stack--not everyone will use it.
>  Thanks, Dustin
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