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pam_krb* modules on multihomes boxes

I have an interesting problem.  I am working with RedHat 6.0 for users
logging via pam_krb5.  The system works perfectly on the systems that have
only one network interface.  The system that has more than one network
interface does not allow users to authenticate via the pam_krb5 module.

I have checked for newer modules, but have become very confused.  At one
time the modules needed to be built in the PAM-0.?? tree, but some of the
kerberos modules do not plug in there.

I have checked my ipchain rules on the box with multiple interfaces and all
seems well.  As a matter of face, the other workstations use the multihomed
box as a gateway.

pam_krb5-1-7.i386.rpm from RedHat 6.0
pam-0.66-18 from RedHat 6.0

Kerberos 5 v1.2 from MIT.

Thank you for your time.  Any additional information that I can provide to
help solve this problem will be gladly provided.

Wes Brown
ewb4@po.cwru.edu		wes@smellycat.com

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