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Samba PAM_SILENT option question

For a long time now I have reported both to samba and to redhat a
ghost authentication failure when using pam. In 1998 someone 
submitted a patch for password.c under samba 1.9.18 and it never
was applied. The patch no longer works with pass_check.c but
by comparing the patch to the source I understand this spurious
error can be supressed using PAM_SILENT=0.

This error is not a show stopper but it puts a slight delay in
clients connecting from Windows to samba as it coughs up a
false authentication failure and then allows access anyway.
I feel that removing false errors from syslog plus decreasing
the connection delay (which can be significant if you add more
users) is worthwhile.

My problem is that I am not a programmer and need to figure
out how to set this and re-compile and test so that I can
propose this again as an updated fix to both samba and

The samba 2.0.7 pass_check.c source code even mentions this but
provides no options on how to do this.

Feel free to let me know that I am barking up the wrong 
mailling list. Or other forms of advise.

Henri J. Schlereth

Just because you think that we are done with Nature doesnt mean
Nature is done with us.

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