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Re: [PAM] Re: Unix password "extensions"?

> On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 10:57:56AM -0400, Joseph S D Yao wrote:
> > These "extensions" date back to the late 1970's and PWB Unix 1.0.  They
> > relate to password aging.  The passwords use regular crypt().  If your
> > getpw*() functions don't terminate at the comma, then you can either use
> > strncmp() or replace the commas with NULs in-line [but beware of any
> > other problems that may cause].
> Since originally looking at it, I've noticed that it's easier to use
> strncmp() than attempting to terminate the string in the right place.
> Do you have any pointers to online sources of documentation for what
> these fields are used for?

# uname -a
HP-UX pehpcons B.10.20 U 9000/800 2003573131 unlimited-user license

# man getpwduid

      getpwent(), getpwuid(), and getpwnam() locate an entry in the
      /etc/passwd file, and return a pointer to an object of passwd

      The passwd structure is defined in <pwd.h> and includes the

           char    *pw_name;   /* user name */
           char    *pw_passwd; /* encrypted password */
           uid_t   pw_uid;     /* user id */
           gid_t   pw_gid;     /* group id */
           char    *pw_age;    /* password aging */
           char    *pw_comment;/* unused */
           char    *pw_gecos;  /* user fullname, office, extension,
           char    *pw_dir;    /* initial directory */

please let me know if there is anything i could do


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