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PPP + RADIUS authentication using PAM

The paragraph below will give you an idea as to what i am trying to

OS: RedHat Linux 6.2

The requirement is to setup a PPP server on Linux to handle both dial-in and
dial-out connections. Firstly it should be able to do CHAP authentication
at the Data Link Layer level.Secondly I also need the Linux server to have a
Radius client that can authenticate users against a RADIUS server. This
should happen in the sequence , i.e, CHAP first and then RADIUS
My question here is can i do all of the above with Linux PAM??
I tried using Portslave(a Radius client) but am facing some problems because
of some known bugs and issues associated with Portslave.

Any input/suggestions or pointers to doc's are  greatly appreciated.
Sangeetha Ganesh

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