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Re: alternate passwd file

If your application does not depend upon system accounts, then why
use PAM at all?  PAM is normally used for that purpose.  There are
many applications out there (Apache, MySQL & vpopd come to mind) that
rely on non-system-level authentication and these applications
basically have their own authentication subsystem built into the app.

Of course you could always write your own PAM module do do what you
want, but in doing so you've virtually created system accounts (since
that's what PAM is used for).


In linux.redhat.pam, you wrote:
>I am writing a linux application that requires users to be
>authenticated, but these users are completey independant of
>the users of my system (i.e. shell/pop access).
>Having read all the documentation for PAM it seems that there
>is no module that supports user athentication from a file other
>than /etc/{passwd|shadow}.
>(Actually the berkeley db module does this but I don't know how
>easy db files are to manipulate.)
>I want athentication from /var/myapp.pwd  A bit like apache's 
>.htpasswd files.
>Is this not an appropriate use of PAM?  Am I missing something 
>Why can't I do this (I know there must be a good reason)?:
>auth  required       pam_pwdb.so file=/var/mypasswd
>Please help
>sam clegg
>email: samc@superduper.net
>www: http://www.superduper.net
>pgp key : http://www.superduper.net/~samc/key.gpg
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