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Multiple trusted hosts setups


I am trying to set up a subnet with different sets of trusted hosts,
i.e., the trusted hosts lists are different for the various groups
allowing us to decide which machines have access to other machines
via these trusted hosts lists. For example:




So I can put +trusted-A and +trusted-B on another host without
givinf hosts 7-9 access.

The problem I'm encountering is that, having never admin'd a Linux
network up until about three weeks ago and thus never worked with
PAM, is that I can only find documentation for setting up trusted
hosts when there is only one trusted host list from NIS (meaning the
entire all-or-nothing trusted hosts map), not separate and
independent maps. So I either have to abandon my multiple trusted
hosts format and create the hosts.equiv files by hand/scripts
(yechh!), or have all my hosts be trusted via PAM (double-yechh, and
security dangerous, too!).

My sincere apologies if this has been asked before, but I'm kinda in
a hurry to get this accomplished and have exhausted the usual
sources (and many-a-friend's knowledge). Is there any documentation
on-line, or can someone forward me some clues on the setting up of
PAM's files for r* commands for the multiple trusted host maps? Or
even a way to bypass PAM and use the old somewhat-reliable
authentication of UNIX days gone by?

Thanks in advance!!!

Kevin Freels, Systems Administrator        415/553.8000 (w)
Wild Brain                                 415/850.3273 (c)

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