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[Fwd: [PAM-Announce] Linux-PAM 0.75 released]

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This is to announce that 0.75 is released. You can find the source
tar.gz file here:


I've appended the CHANGELOG for 0.74 below. [For further info start
here: http://pam.sourceforge.net/]



Extract from CHANGELOG:

0.75: Sat Apr  7 23:10:50 PDT 2001

                          ** WARNING **

This release contains backwardly incompatible changes to
libpam. Prior versions were buggy - see bugfix for Bug 129775.

                          ** WARNING **

* made 0.75 release (Bug 414665 - agmorgan)
* pam_pwdb has been removed from the suggested pam.conf template. I've
  replaced it with pam_unix. (Bug 227565 - agmorgan)
* pam_limits - Richard M. Yumul reported that "<domain> -" didn't
  work, first fix suggested by Werner Puschitz (Bug 404953 - agmorgan)
* Nicolay Pelov suggested a simple fix for freebsd support (Bug 407282
  - agmorgan)
* Michel D'HOOGE submitted documentation fixes (Bug 408961 - agmorgan)
* fix for module linking directions (Bug 133545 - agmorgan)
* fix for glibc-2.2.2 compilation of pam_issue (Bug 133542 - agmorgan)
* fix pam_userdb to make and link both .o files it needs - converse()
  wasn't being linked! (Bug 132880 - agmorgan)
* added some sys-admin documentation for the pam_tally module (Bug
  126210 - agmorgan).
* added a link to module examples from the module writers doc (Bug
  131192 - agmorgan).
* fixed a small security hole (more of a user confusion issue) with
  the unix and pwdb password helper binaries. The beef is described in
  the bug report, but no uid change was possible so no-one should
  think they need to issue a security bulletin over this one! (Bug
  112540 - agmorgan)
* pam_lastlog needs to be linked with -lutil, also removed ambiguity
  from sysadmin guide regarding this module being a 'session' module
  (Bug 131549 - agmorgan).
* pam_cracklib needs to be linked with -lcrypt (old password checking)
  (Bug 131601 - agmorgan).
* fixes for static library builds and also the examples when linked
  with the debugging build of the libraries. (Bug 131783 - agmorgan)
* fixed URL for original RFC to a cached kernel.org file. (Bug 131503
  - agmorgan)
* quoted the $CRACKLIB_DICTPATH test in configure.in (Bug 130130 -
* improved handling of the setcred/close_session and update chauthtok
  stack. *Warning* This is a backwardly incompatable change, but 'more
  sane' than before. (Bug 129775 - agmorgan)
* bumped the version number, and added some code to assist in making
  documentation releases (Bug 129644 - agmorgan).

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