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Re: PAM and Kerberos


On Tue, Apr 10, 2001 at 09:10:42AM -0700, Alexander G. Paoli wrote:
> Nico,
> I will begin traces, and post to the group. Thanks for at least reading
> the long drawn out e-mail.
> OS: Linux 2.4.2, Gcc 2.95.2, glibc - 2.1.3, pam 0.74 and pam_krb5
> ( or whatever)

Cool. I had no idea that this pam_krb5 would compile and run on Linux at
this point.

BTW, did you see the warning in the man page about this pam_krb5 and
Linux-PAM? You *must* specify the 'one_prompt_at_a_time' option to the
pam_krb5 auth and password modules when using Linux-PAM; eventually this
will be fixed. The problem has to do with an incompatibility between
Linux-PAM and Solaris PAM.

> Pentium III, 500 Dual Processor.
> Its a slackware 7.1 build, but, I rebuild the fundamental packages by
> scratch for optimization and security (i.e. Named in /chroot jail).
> ----
> BTW: I am not a programmer, although I do code in C, I just would never
> claim to be anymore than amateur when it comes to coding. I am however,
> working on a "draft" to present to coders like yourself and others to
> consider to create a PAM-WIN2K module. I would like to know if you might
> be interested in reading it. Frank Crusack will get a copy as well. (I
> want to form it as an ID - Internet Draft for the IETF, where we can
> really get interest in PAM and extend the already released draft, I
> would submit it under either an individual release or under the security
> WG)

Hmmmm. Well, I was thinking of adapting the MS kpasswd code into a
krb5_change_password() replacement function so that this PAM_KRB5 could
be fully used with ActiveDirectory KDCs.

I don't think a separate module will be needed, provided we can deal
with the password changing protocol incompatibilities.

> Basically in short, Use pam_krb5 to get the tgt, (read the MS PAC) get
> info on user, query LDAP of AD via PAM_LDAP (We will extend the schema
> on win2k to allow for CN=Unix-Home-Dir, CN=Unix-Shell etc), then from
> there "like account" set up or add a /etc/passwd entry for the user, add
> groups, adjust the ACL of the Linux Kernel, and finally utilize
> pam_smbpass to get shares and other things. 

Hmmm, welllll.... I think the best way to deal with this is to have an
NSS module that can use Kerberos authentication / PAC authorization
data to do what you want, then PAM_KRB5 is merely responsible for
initializing a ccache that the NSS module can use. With an NSS module
you wouldn't have to dynamically modify /etc/passwd either...

Of course, one of the biggest problems here is that the Kerberos
principal namespace and the Windows SID namespace ARE NOT FLAT, whereas
the Unix username/groupname/UID/GID namespaces ARE FLAT. Unix accounts
are always "local" so Unix never really works well in multi-domain or
multi-realm environments and you have to setup Kerberos/Windows <-> Unix

But that's another story.

> Ultimately this will allow a single-sign-on for a win2k user into Unix
> (Solaris, Linux etc) to work on an Active Dir environment. I would go
> farther and add a LDAP API to read AD (That would not be Pam as it would
> be a separate part of the package). I want to draft the idea in general
> then coding can be done any way that the community chooses. I would love
> to see an ID on say "PAM With UNIX to Win2K" or even better yet
> "PAM/UNIX to Directory Services", set the guidelines and set the
> standard or procedure (policy) we use to accomplish it.

See above. I think an NSS module can take care of this, with PAM_KRB5
merely providing the necessary credentials. One issue here is that the
application using PAM must refrain from using getpwnam() on the PAM_USER
until AFTER PAM_KRB5 has obtained the necessary credentials and that may
not happen until after calling pam_chauthtok() is password aging
situations. And other PAM modules like to call getpwnam(), so PAM_KRB5
would have to be first in the stack.

> Well, Thanks for your time.

Thanks for yours.

> Alexander G. Paoli
> VP Technology, Chief Network Architect
> NetConstruct, Inc.
> alex.paoli@netconstruct.net 
> > I think you might want to take this to the pam-list@redhat.com PAM
> > list. And you should turn on PAM debugging and post logs.
> I agree.


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