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pam_crypt 0.0.3 with bcrypt

I almost feel like I'm monopolizing the pam mailing list...

Thanks to solar designer's crypt_blowfish there is now support for bcrypt. I
found and fixed a couple of bugs too.  These were pretty bad bugs, so I
looked for similar problems elsewhere without finding any.

The initial 24 hour release period went pretty well (pam_crypt is the topic
on irc.uddf.net/#hackersclub and #cdc :) and I've had quite a few people do
some testing.  Based on the response I've recieved I am definately going to
continue development and get this ready for Linux-PAM-0.76 (I like to think
of it as doing my part to break the 1mb mark on the tarball :).

I'll probably work on adding the feature I mentioned in response to Steve
Langasek on the list.  Other suggestions would be appreciated (check TODO
file though first).

Thanks for the support,
Adam Slattery

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