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Re: PAM & Securid & SSH

I have a few queries about samba+nis+pam.
I had setup nis and samba on same server , Due to this authentication for linux and NT was diferent . I decided to have one authentication system for both linux and NT clients. I had configured samba with PAM . Now , how to enable nis lookup in pam configuration files. So that while authentication it looks for pam , intern pam points to NIS maps.

Can any body help me in this regard.


Richard Palmer wrote:

On 2001.04.18 17:16 Richard Palmer wrote:
>       I've got a pam_securid module working with RSA Securid cards
>       ( the module is a stripped down version of Wyman Miles pam_skey
>       module),


Sorry to reply to myself, I forget to put a pointer to the source code.

I've put the module up at


with some brief instructions.


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