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Re: PAM modules that reset the user name

Chris Jaeger wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I am working on a PAM module that maps usernames
> during the authentication process. While testing this,
> I've encountered two types of applications: those that
> refer to pamh to retrieve the username once authentication
> is complete (login is the only program of this class that
> I've found so far), and those that continue to use the
> initial login name they were given (every other program
> I've tested (imap, chsh, su, passwd)). I'm wondering

Actually there are others that READS user back.  To
name afew -- pppd, for example, at least patched by
redhat, and my own mdpop3d (pop3 daemon). :)

> which behavior is the "correct" behavior? Also, a lot

The correct one is to retrieve username back from pam.
The whole point of PAM, among other things, is that
application have NO info about what it "asks" a user
when pam calls for a conversation, so, in general case,
application will just not know what was a username
at all.  Many application deals with usernames themselves,
and a classic example of this is network services like
pop daemon: their *protocol* defines username, and
pam's prompts just do not fit here.  But for others, like
e.g. xdm's login screen, the *meaning* of a username
is not defined than using pam.  Yes, after auth et all,
app should know what user was authenticated, and should
call to pam for PAM_USER.

Implementing mdpop3d I found very useful to have popd
ask pam for a user after auth: suppose that you have
virtual mail system, where users uses user.dom.ain
as logname, and those "usernames" mapped by some
pam module to "clientNNN" user in system -- in this
case, username before auth will be "user.dom.ain",
and real username after auth, as we should work as,
is "clientNNN".

> of applications seem to rely on the getpw*() functions
> to determine the existence of a user. Is this simply a
> case of legacy APIs, or am I abusing the PAM API?

See last week's messages on this list about this.  The
point is that pam+nss doesn't fit well together in all


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