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Re: Any interest in krb5_userok_principals ?

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Nicolas Williams wrote:

> > > Why keep extending the account authorization code in MIT krb5 when PAM
> > > is available? (Short answer: MIT krb5 knows not PAM at this moment, sigh).

> > A while ago djm submitted some patches to fix that.  I've asked him to
> > check a couple of things, but I would like to get something like it in
> > soon.  My main issue was avoiding code duplication -- can we use a
> > krb5 PAM module, and a PAM-based login program with little or no
> > krb5-specific stuff, and a stub implementing the PAM API (but just for
> > the krb5 module, with no configuration options) for systems that don't
> > have PAM already, or do we have to maintain both flavors of login
> > code?  If we can do the former, it seems like the far better approach,
> > even if it's a bit more work in the short term.

> Well, Linux-PAM is rather portable (*)and it's distributed under a BSD
> license...

> And most modern Unix and Unix-like OSs support PAM. If not PAM, then
> SIA.

Even on those which don't support PAM, it seems that efforts are being made to
make Linux-PAM (OpenPAM?) available.  I've seen reports that the PAM libraries
(not the modules yet -- but isn't the library all that's required here?) have
been successfully ported to AIX and Tru64.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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