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Re: automount samba shares after authentication with pam?

You probably want to use autofs+amd or autofs+automount to mount the
samba share on login.  Though passing username & password from pam_smb
to there could be a problem.  Perhaps it wouldn't require authentication
if the machine has been joined to the domain.  I thought about doing
this same thing, but settled for NFS in the meantime.

The samba and nfs-related lists would be a better place to ask this.

On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 06:00, Michael Wisse wrote:
> Hello!
> Authentication with pam_ldap works fine, but after authentication I
> must mount a samba share as homedirectory for the user, which logged in.
> (Unfortunately I can not mount it during boot process, because the whole
> homedirectory tree is not exported.)
> Is there assistance from a pam module for automaticly mounting homedirs
> with the values, which I got from the ldap server during authentication
> and synchronization of unix and smb passwords?
> Regards
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> Michael Wisse
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