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SSL enabled PAM LDAP module

Greetings,  I've been working on this configuration since I now 
have SSL enabled on our directory server.  We're running netscape
version 4.16.  So far I've downloaded the Netscape SDK version
4.14 for C 32 bit version.  Set these libs and headers out in 
places where they can be found.  configure picks up the files
and the compile seems to do fine linking in the ldapssl library
and produces an executable that works ok with SSL turned off. 

With SSL enabled and the SSL path set to point at a cert DB file
from communicator 4.x browser.  This was per the instructions
from the SDK.  With snoop running against port 636 on our LDAP
server machine I'm seeing the chat between the test host and the
LDAP server but of course it's encrypted. So far so good.  On the
test host however I'm getting the error:

login: pam_ldap: ldap_simple_bind Can't contact LDAP server

Now it is contacting it. And seems to be encrypted.  Also the pam_ldap
module produces the secmod.db file once it has been used one time.  

I find that I'm at the point where I have no more clues.  Is there 
a way to get a more verbose error message?  Anyone been down this 
road too?


Mark A. Shaw
University of Arkansas
Computing Services

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