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SRP/EPS and RedHat 7.2

If anyone can help on this subject I would greatly appreciate a dialogue.
Recently installed new RedHat 7.2 server.  Downloaded the the
eps_i386_linux6 and srp_i386_linux6 tars from srp.stanford.edu.  Installed
as before (RH6.2) but pam.d configuration and inetd configuration is
I've run the tconf and generated the key.
I've remade the root password and one other and confirmed that they updated
shadow, passwd and tpasswd.
I've added the pam_eps_auth.so and pam_eps_passwd.so to /lib/security and
set permissions.
I've added the lines:
auth    required    /lib/security/pam_eps_auth.so
passwd    required /lib/security/pam_eps_passwd.so

to the following files in /etc/pam/d:
login, su, passwd, ftp and system-auth

I have kept several root sessions open whilst I'm doing that.  Just as well
because I can't login from any other consol terminal or from a telnet.  I
did confirm the telnet session was working under SRP before I changed to
I've now commented out the "auth    required    /lib/security/pam_eps_auth.so" lines in all the pam.d files and can login OK.

Am I missing something?  Is there something else under RH7.2 that's changed
or made these earlier modules unworkable?  All contributions gratefully



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