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Re: SRP/EPS and RedHat 7.2

> Robin Redmile-Gordon wrote:
> If anyone can help on this subject I would greatly appreciate a
> dialogue.
> Recently installed new RedHat 7.2 server.  Downloaded the the
> eps_i386_linux6 and srp_i386_linux6 tars from srp.stanford.edu.
> Installed
> as before (RH6.2) but pam.d configuration and inetd configuration is
> changed.
> I've run the tconf and generated the key.
> I've remade the root password and one other and confirmed that they
> updated
> shadow, passwd and tpasswd.
> I've added the pam_eps_auth.so and pam_eps_passwd.so to /lib/security
> and
> set permissions.
> I've added the lines:
> auth    required    /lib/security/pam_eps_auth.so
> passwd    required /lib/security/pam_eps_passwd.so
> to the following files in /etc/pam/d:
> login, su, passwd, ftp and system-auth
> I have kept several root sessions open whilst I'm doing that.  Just as
> well
> because I can't login from any other consol terminal or from a
> telnet.  I
> did confirm the telnet session was working under SRP before I changed
> to
> EPS.
> I've now commented out the "auth    required
> /lib/security/pam_eps_auth.so" lines in all the pam.d files and can
> login OK.
> Am I missing something?  Is there something else under RH7.2 that's
> changed
> or made these earlier modules unworkable?  All contributions
> gratefully
> received.

What exactly happens when you try to log in?  Are you getting a
"password incorrect" or "login incorrect" when you enter the right
password?  If the login succeeds with an empty password, then you've hit
upon a VERY nasty bug in recent PAM implementations.

> Regards
> Robin

Tom Wu
Principal Software Engineer
Arcot Systems
(408) 969-6124
"The Borg?  Sounds Swedish..."

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