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RE: Active Directory module?

May I ask what unix services are for in the Windows World?  You can
actually purchase it, not sure what it does though.  Anyone know?

I had thought that this covered these type of situations where you
needed to authenticate with WIN2K AD...could be wrong though.


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On Tue, 2001-12-18 at 13:33, David Lee wrote:
> This may be an extremely simple question, but then again may not be.
> Anyone know of a PAM module (ultimately for Solaris at least) that
> allow authentication against (shudder) a Microsoft W2K Active
> service?  Just a pointer (URL etc.) to such a module (open-source
> preferred) would do, so that I can begin to investigate. 
> Thanks in advance.

Head on over to the Samba-technical list archives (lists.samba.org) and
take a look at recent discussions on using winbindd, kerberos, and AD. 
The Samba head code is able to talk to AD, and winbindd is a daemon that
sits between nsswitch and pam to make Unix boxes into full-fledged NT
domain members.  My guess is that the winbindd in the head branch will
talk to AD as well.


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