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Re: Home dir settings


> > No, this is not part of the PAM API.

> Thanks for the clarification. I can stop banging
> my head against the wall now.

:)  This fact probably ought to be in a PAM FAQ, plastered on all the
documentation that ships with Linux-PAM, and in the banner when you subscribe
to the mailing list. ;)

> >> In the case of ftp and authing off MySQL via
> >> PAM, how can I get around the need to also
> >> have a copy of the user in /etc/passwd just
> >> for the home dir setting ?

> > To do this, you will want to make use of an NSS module in addition to PAM.

> I'm not getting anything useful from searches on
> "NSS"... would you mind passing on a URL or an
> extra keyword so I can narrow the search please ?

NSS + Solaris, NSS + glibc.  It's an API that allows for multiple backends to
the standard Unix getXXbyXX functions, used to retrieve things like user
password entries, hostnames, etc.  I don't know how widely supported NSS is,
actually, but it's part of the C library on both Solaris and Linux.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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