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Re: Home dir settings

Steve Langasek wrote:

:)  This fact probably ought to be in a PAM FAQ, plastered on all the
documentation that ships with Linux-PAM, and in the banner when you subscribe
to the mailing list. ;)

Well yes. Scanning the list archives (the RH link just dies for me, some strange self-signed cert prevents me from even getting there) without some clue or keywords is next to useless. In case others stumble across these messages then here are some links of interest...


NSS + Solaris, NSS + glibc.  It's an API that allows for multiple backends to
the standard Unix getXXbyXX functions, used to retrieve things like user
password entries, hostnames, etc.  I don't know how widely supported NSS is,
actually, but it's part of the C library on both Solaris and Linux.

Sorry to belabour the point... but how on earth do the people who use ldap provide home directory information ? Surely they do not keep a password file around just to provide homedir and uid/gid info ?

Got any more of those juicy keywords to search on ? :-)


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