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New module announcement: pam_netgroups

My apologies if this is not the right place for this message, but is most 
appropriate I could find.

I have recently written a pam module which I would like to make known to
the community and/or have included in the pam module list on the web.

The module is pam_netgroups, providing account services.  The module
restricts access based on NIS or HESIOD netgroup membership.

This module allows one to specify a file containing a list of users or
groups which are allowed to use a service.  The elements of the list can
be preceded by '+' or '-' characters to explicitly match or not match,
thereby allowing a reasonably flexible matching scheme (e.g. all members
of groupA which are not in groupB).  "Groups" can be standard Unix groups,
standard NIS netgroups, or any NIS or HESIOD map which can return a list
of users when keyed on the group name, or a list of groups when keyed on
an user name.  "Users" in the above can be replaced with almost any PAM
variable, and the sense of matching can be reversed (e.g. for deny-type files).

More complete documentation and source code for download may be found at
<a href="http://www2.physics.umd.edu/~payerle/Software/PAM";>

Tom Payerle 	
Dept of Physics				payerle@physics.umd.edu
University of Maryland			(301) 405-6973
College Park, MD 20742-4111		Fax: (301) 314-9525

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