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Re: [Re: Account expire [urgent!!]]

I think last is perfect (I can run it on a daily basis). I still need one more
trick: my Linux box is actually a server of a small office: it isn't used as a
standalone workstation. Hence I have to log all the possible network uses of
my box. No problem for telnet, ftp, ras, su, etc., but how can I make samba
log the sessions?? I tried putting a session record in /etc/pam.d/samba, but
it did not work! No log from Samba! Since samba is the most used package, I
really need it!!
Thank you all!

Olivier Kaloudoff <kalou@kalou.net> wrote:
> ]> On some systems (redhat 6.x), gdm does not put login information
> ]> to use with "last".
> ]
> ]Newer gdm's do that, so upgrading should be possible. Its really a gdm
> ]bug.
> ok, at this time I have a better information. This "bug" is not
> in Redhat 6.2, so it has been fixed. Note that it might juste be
> a bad configuration for gdm rather than a bug in gdm.
> So I prefer to say: there was a bug in "gdm package in redhat 6.x (x<=1)"
> Best Regards,
> Olivier Kaloudoff
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