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Re: [Re: Account expire [urgent!!]]

On 5 Jan 2001, Marco Mechelli wrote:

> I think last is perfect (I can run it on a daily basis). I still need one more
> trick: my Linux box is actually a server of a small office: it isn't used as a
> standalone workstation. Hence I have to log all the possible network uses of
> my box. No problem for telnet, ftp, ras, su, etc., but how can I make samba
> log the sessions?? I tried putting a session record in /etc/pam.d/samba, but
> it did not work! No log from Samba! Since samba is the most used package, I
> really need it!!

I presume that what you want is for Samba to write utmp/wtmp entries, so
that commands such as "last", "who" and "w" show Samba connections.

At Samba 2.0.7 some preliminary functionality was introduced for this.  It
requires samba to have been configured "--with-utmp" for compilation, and
then to use the "utmp=yes" parameter for the share.

The support for this is not perfect: utmp/wtmp turned out to be
astonishingly variable across different operating systems.  But it is
reasonable (or can be made so with a post-2.0.7 patch).

There has also been some PAM work put into Samba.  I have no experience of

(Perhaps this whole issue of Samba/PAM/utmp needs more careful
investigation, bearing in mind that Samba is highly portable to many
systems, including several which don't have PAM available, and that PAM
itself varies across systems.) 

Hope that helps.


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