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Re: Announce: pam_sql

Hi Mike,

Have you considered using one of the Unix ODBC APIs for this module?  A module
called pam_sql ought (IMHO) to be able to interface with any SQL database
without having to recompile, and ODBC is the most effective way to achieve
this goal.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

>   I've just finished work on my pam_sql module.  You can find
> the tarball at:

>      http://devel.duluoz.net/pam_sql-0.7.0.tar.gz

> or browse the code online at:

>      http://devel.duluoz.net/pam_sql/

> Currently, there's only code to connect to a PostgreSQL database,
> but I've designed the code to simplify adding new databases.  The
> module supports authentication and account management (expiration)
> interfaces.  I'm using the module to check web cookies, hence I
> didn't need password encryption, hence there is none.

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