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Re: Announce: pam_sql


	I just tested your tarball (thank's for this
work), and here is what I get :

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# vi config.mk 

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# make
gcc -g -O -DUSE_POSTGRES -DHAVE_INLINE  -I./src   -c src/acct.c -o
In file included from src/acct.c:23:
src/db.h:33: syntax error before `void'
src/db.h:36: syntax error before `int'
src/db.h:37: syntax error before `void'
make: *** [src/acct.o] Error 1

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# type gcc
gcc is /usr/bin/gcc

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/gcc

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# type make
make is hashed (/usr/bin/make)

[root@ge pam_sql-0.7.0]# rpm -qf /usr/bin/make

Did I use the wrong versions for make or egcs ?


On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Mike Glover wrote:

>   I've just finished work on my pam_sql module.  You can find
> the tarball at:
>      http://devel.duluoz.net/pam_sql-0.7.0.tar.gz
> or browse the code online at:
>      http://devel.duluoz.net/pam_sql/
> Currently, there's only code to connect to a PostgreSQL database,
> but I've designed the code to simplify adding new databases.  The
> module supports authentication and account management (expiration)
> interfaces.  I'm using the module to check web cookies, hence I
> didn't need password encryption, hence there is none.
> Comments eagerly awaited.
> -mike     

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