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I want to do a ISP Pam module! Can anyone help


	For those who would like to help, or are interested. I am reading the
PAM Documentation. I understand I have to program in C. I am just having
a problem understanding where to start.

What I need the module to do;
   1) Restrict logins to having only one login at a time. ( With the
exception of the system administration team)
   2) Track limited accounts. Maybe even e-mail the account, or pop up a
warning screen when they are at there limit. I need this programmable
because right now we have 30 hour and 90 hour accounts, and we may add
more in the future. I also need this part to email the accounting person
with the amount these limited accounts are over for billing purposes.
   3) I would also like this module to check to see when all of our
phone lines are busy, and kick off people who have not done anything for
20 minutes or more.

>From all of my reading in the PAM modules there are no modules that fit
in this category, but if there is a teem already working on a project
like this I would like to start to help; Otherwise, I would like to set
up a project team for this project.

Thank you;
Ken Rhodes

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