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Re: having problems

"amit.drc@deeproot.co.in" wrote:
> I am a new PAM user and having some problems configuring PAM. I want to use LDAP_PAM to login into the system . I tried reading the PAM docs ,but its of no help . When i alter the PAM login scripts in pam.d directory and try to login, it asks for LDAP password. But then which password to give??
> I am using REDHAT 7.0

Using pam_ldap implies that you have an LDAP directory that contains
your account data.  Instead of looking in /etc/passwd or the NIS
passwd map, PAM will query your LDAP directory server.  The password
you give is the one that matches the entry in the directory.

Your question suggests that you have some reading to do before you
try this for real.  I've found "Implementing LDAP", by Mark Wilcox,
to be helpful.

Good luck!

Paul Allen

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