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Re: passwd and shadow

With security concerns in mind,
NIS and NFS are bad.

However, NIS is simplier than
it seems to (there is only
one master server and many
clients in the simpliest config),

and it can be used in a more
advanced way to improve the
availability of your network,
better than NFS, which introduces
a single point of failure.
(In this case you have, for 
example, to set up as many
slave servers than you got
NIS clients, and a client on

Hope I didn't tell no lies.


On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Sue McGlashan wrote:

Hi there

Is there any way that I can move  passwd and shadow from the /etc
directory  to another - (preferably /usr/local/etc)?  

The context of the
question is that I am running NIS to provide logins to over 150
computers.  However, none of the computers have a hard drive.  The server
NFS mounts what is necessary to run the lab.
If I could move passwd and shadow, I would not need to run NIS. I
cannot simply NFS mount /etc, as each computers needs its own /etc files, 
but I already NFS mount /usr to all computers.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Sue McGlashan
email sue@cs.wits.ac.za Phone: +27 (011) 717 6191 

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