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Re: Q: "Relay" an authentication request?

On Wednesday, 27.06.2001 at 15:01 +0100, Miguel wrote:

> > I have a web server, Box A, which does not have many (shell) users.
> > I have successfully implemented password-authentication to access
> > various areas of the web site - Apache using mod_auth_pam, with a
> > few tweaks to allow it to read the shadow password file.  Obviously,
> > this will only authenticate users of Box A.
> >
> > I have another server, Box B, which everyone uses.  Is it possible
> > to "relay" the PAM request from Box A to Box B, so that when faced
> > with a password authentication request for a web page on Box A, the
> > user is sucessfully logged in if they correctly enter their Box B
> > username and password?
> The point here is that you have to use some kind of distribuited
> solution to do that.  The only way, i can see right now for that is
> having a LDAP server on BoxB and do a network redirect( using ipchains
> ) for all requests on the LDAP port on BoxA to BoxB LDAP port.
> Of course you dont have to use a LDAP server, you can use a SMB server
> ou something like that to the authetication.

Interesting ideas, thanks for the suggestions ...

Dave Ewart
Computing Manager
ICRF Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Oxford UK

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