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Syncronized password management ...


  I am about to start to hacka a pam module for uninfied password
management, which will handle users from a central server but update
local passwd and group files. Basicly I want to centralize user
management whitout building network dependency for the system. ( like
nis if it fails it fails ... )

  I will also handle password updates on a client 8 propagation ) ,
however before I set out on this daunting task, does anybody know of a
module which will give me this functionality ?

  Now I build central user databases, which I upload and then locally
mangle passwd and group ! this is done by secure remote login, but I
don't think this system safe enough.

  Any tips from anyone ? or usefull pam modules to spy on ? I have
checked out pam-ldap and pam-pwdfile and some other.

 / best regards, Lars Segerlund.

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