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Re: telnet timing out problem in redhat 7.1

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 11:05:18AM -0700, Moo Kim wrote:
>  I've installed redhat 7.1 few weeks back on a PC running
>  Pentium 200 MHz, 128 MB.   The network is configured with
>  DHCP server on a secure intra-network within the company
>  as a development box.
>  I am having telnet session timing out problem when I telnet
>  into the box as root.   After about 10 minutes, the telnet 
>  session hangs or not responds any more.   If I go to the
>  console window, and execute a ping command, then the telnet
>  session resumes.   I think I don't have this problem when I 
>  telneting out from the box to remote hosts.
>  I tried make /etc/pam.d/other file to be generic as possible
>  but the problem (could be called a feature with the PAM default 
>  configuration) persists.
>  Does anyone run into this problem in redhat 7.1 ?  Anyone
>  knows how I can disable (or work-around) the 10-min timeout 
>  on telnet session ?   It is not clear to me whether this
>  problem is with PAM or XINETD.

Does this happen only with telnet, or is it happening with other
connection-oriented services?

For example, if you switch on the POP server, telnet to the port,
and sit there for ten minutes, does it time out as well?


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