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RE: Login problem plz help !!!

Check for the file /etc/nologin
This file prevents anyone who is not root to login.
You can simply erase it. It does nothing wrong, except for letting all the
other users to log in, so watch it.
As for the free root login - try to give root a new passwd and see if it
works now.
Also check for a rootok() pam moudule in your pam.conf, and see that it
does'nt have "sufficient" entry.
I hope it will help you.

Good luck.

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Subject: Login problem plz help !!!

i have an authentication problem when i try to login
i get this message "login incorrect" but when i try to login as root login
successful but the system don't
ask me for password just write root and press enter
to login, this problem is the same in telnet but without root login , ftp
and mail working so good
i can check my mail and login to my ftp but i can't telnet or login directly
from machine....i running
redhat linux 6.2
  any body can help me!! ... that's a critical problem

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