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PAM 0.75 on AIX 4.3.3


I'm trying to get Mark Roth's patch for PAM 0.75 to work on AIX 4.3.3.

I patched the original distro successfully and compiled it OK with gcc

Mark has written a replacement for pam_unix.so call 'pam_aix.so', this
has couple of options which I put in pam.d/login:

auth       required     /usr/local/lib/security/pam_aix.so.debug
mode=login setpcred debug
account    required     /usr/local/lib/security/pam_aix.so.debug 
mode=login setpcred
session    required     /usr/local/lib/security/pam_aix.so.debug 
mode=login setpcred

When I try running 'xsh userA login' I get:

# ./xsh userA login
==> called pam_start()
  got: `Success'
==> called pam_authenticate()
  got: `Module is unknown'
./xsh: invalid request
==> called pam_end()
  got: `Success'

PAM reports 'PAM unable to dlopen (A few 8bitchars)' in the system log,
so I guess gcc might not have complied the dynamic libraries correctly.

Has anybody been able to get this to work on AIX 4.3.3?

If so please could you tell me how?


Shaun McCullagh                    mailto:shaun.mccullagh@marviQ.com
Senior Unix Administrator          Office Phone +31 (0) 20 850 9342
marviQ BV                          Mobile +31 (0) 615 09 23 25
Ringwood Building
Nachtwachtlaan 20
1058 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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