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Conversation function- HELP!

I'm working on understanding how PAM works from the point of view of an
application, in order to (hopefully soon) make use of it to build some
server tools I have need of.

Where I'm having trouble is in figuring out how to put together the
conversation function.  I know I need one, as the standard PAM password
prompts won't work for POP3 (and a number of other standard TCP
protocols), but all I've been able to find in the way of documentation
is a listing of what data is passed to the function and how it's

I haven't been able to find a simple working example of a conversation
function anywhere, and the example apps included with the PAM source
don't make use of one.

Can someone provide a simple example please?

On a semi-related topic, does an app have to begin execution under a
certain user ID in order to properly authenticate against the system
password database?

Money is overrated.

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