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RE: Linux-PAM -> the road ahead

My preference is for more regular releases, clearly indicating that they are not yet stable. Yeah, I know, all I have to do is download the latest CVS stuff but release numbers create a nice frame of reference when discussing a problem.

(Side note: the problem with bugtrack is that it isn't cached by search engines. My first reaction to an error is usually to search google for similar messages. It is often extremely effective).

I noticed there are some tests in the distribution, but don't recall a 'make test' in the makefiles. Is that something that didn't survive the jump to autoconf? PAM is the kind of thing that should definitely have a good standard test suite that is used frequently.

Chuck Ritter

>Rok Pape=BE wrote:
>> What seems to be the plan for LinuxPAM to go in the future ?

Andrew Morgan wrote:

Not sure what to do about it. Perhaps I'll stop worrying about it and
get back to releasing incrementally every few weeks or so... I worry,
but perhaps other folk would prefer releases more often - even if I'm
less sure about the general quality?


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