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Re: PAM_unix Authentication failure

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 01:22:16PM -0500, Jim Williams wrote:
> I have verified that while they are waiting the "authentication failure"
> entries are logged repeatedly until magically it works and the print
> request is accepted. Once thing that they do here that is slightly
> different from the norm is they have Samba set for "encrypt passwords = no" and the
> appropriate registry modifications to their Win98 workstations. As this is
> an internal only connected server, we aren't even that concerned with
> authenticating print requests.
> Suggestions? Or other files you need to see?

Do you have "password level" set in your global settings?  Alternatively,
are your users using mixed-case passwords?  If so, then Samba is trying
different upper/lowercase combinations until it hits on one that works,
and you're getting log messages from the failures.



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