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Re: Non-root services?


We got around the problem by building a "suid root" wrapper program that invokes
the pam functions (including passwd).  However, one trick was to make the program
do a setuid to root to make the effective uid be root.  It was then able to do
authentication tasks for things like web-based password change.  See info on
ComBase ... http://www.comnets.com

Dave Retz
Comware International Inc.

James West wrote:

> I'm having some trouble with getting certain services thar don't run as root,
> using pam.
> Namely postgresql runs as user postgres, but I was expirimenting with various
> versions of pam_unix and had no luck getting it to auth, until I messed with
> permissions of /etc/shadow.
> Now, I'm sure this is a really old and obvious problem. (and if the truth be
> known I can probably work without it)
> But, is there a way around it?
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