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fixed Apache 2.0 mod_auth_pam

A new version of mod_auth_pam for Apache 2.0 is available, name 2.0-1.1.

Please see http://pam.sf.net/mod_auth_pam/

Changes are:
	- forward port of the supplemental group check fix done recently
	  for the 1.3-version
	- added missing constants that prevent compilation (thanks
	  to Ruben Waitz for the report!)
	- mod_auth_etc_group is now called mod_auth_sys_group

If you are using a previous version of the 2.0 module, please have a
look at the INSTALL file for information on how to update.  I took the
opportunity to introduce an outstanding internal naming fix that will
break the LoadModule and AddModule instructions in your current



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