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new user trivial question on xdm GUI

 I am trying to do a trivial thing like developing an authentication module
> which needs some extra info from the user via GUI interface.
> e.g. to "su" my authentication module pops up a dialog asking for the
> password. the typed value is analyzed and if all is ok my module return
> This is actualy working for any application that is activated when the GUI
> manager is already in action i.e after GUI login took place.(I guess this
> exactly how every one switch to root permissions on some GUI applications)
> Would it be possiable to run this in xdm authentication application (and
> that metter any GUI login Apllication or Screen lock appliaction ?)
Is there a way to tweak the xdm so it addes another data field to fill by
the user which I can grab in my authentication module and do something with
> Or is the only way to get the extra data for my module by recompiling the
> GUI Login application for my needs ?
> I am using Suse 7.1 with 2.2.18 kernal and QT2 for the dialog code.
> This seems a trival need for PAM modules but some how I can not find any
> example that uses GUI ontop of the xdm,kdm,xlock,xsceansaver etc.. GUI
> authentication Applications.
> If you have any ideas,sources, advise I would appricate it.

Gilad Finkelstein

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