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RE: LDAP Client Configs

I'm really sorry to email you without a solution but I'm in hysterics
here, I have a friend called Paul Fell and your Ben Falls.

Clumsy name;))))

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Subject: LDAP Client Configs

I am attempting to set up LDAP authentication on a LINUX box, the LDAP
server is already set up and being used for Windows logins. I have
the LINUX (RH 7.3) config so that it does connect to the LDAP server, 
however, I still have a couple of issues.

1) It seems that I must have a local account on the LINUX box that
the LDAP account name. Is this normal?

2) When I do connect, it does authenticate to LDAP, however if I change
password at the command prompt, it changes it in the OS not in LDAP
for the very first login). At that point I can login using either my
LDAP or 
system password. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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