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Re: Newbie question: login not working

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 12:58:23PM +0100, David Defoort wrote:
> I just installed RH8.0 and have one problem with it, which is due to pam, I
> think.
> In a terminal window, I can not do a "login <myself>" or "login root".
> What's wrong?

This use of the login program isn't supported on RHL, and I suspect it
isn't supported in most other distributions, either.

In order to do the actual work of authenticating and setting up a normal
login session for a user, login typically needs to be running with root
privileges.  Because you attempted to start login as an unprivileged
(not root) user, and because login isn't setuid, you can't run it with
root privileges except by logging out and letting the system's greeter
(usually mingetty, which is running with root privileges) start login
for you.

Using "exec su - username" may let you do what you're trying to do.



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