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RE: deny su to a specific user

You can specify this on the "su" pam rules in /etc/pam.d/su. There is a
parameter for "not allowed" groups/users. (sorry for not telling the
parameter, but I'm without my unix access right now to check for you).

- Nelson

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i have 1 specific user (uid 400 *grin*) that i want to deny ALL login
attempts to.

so only direct console login would be allowed.

i got it all working, the only thing i cant seem to get done is the su

how do i tell pam, that ANY su attempt to the uid 400 is to be forbidden

no matter is the su-ing user is in group wheel, or root himself, su to
uid 400 needs to be denied.

ideally i would want that user only to be able to log in on ttyS0, but
for now i'll settle on solving the su prob :-)

any suggestions ?

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